Early Math Trainer

We are proud and excited to release our first collection of math trainers.  They cover the first level of arithmetic skills in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. 

The goal of these trainers is to develop fluency in basic math facts. This foundation is key to success in higher level math. The ability to recall answers immediately (vs. counting) frees up the child's brain to handle more complex mathematical operations required in higher level math.

Traditionally, this training can be tedious - for children, teachers and parents. Our trainers strive to accomplish this with ease for all.

Every child is unique. Therefore, we built our trainers to adapt to each child's learning speed. Our trainers check for each fact's mastery before presenting new ones for the child to tackle. 

Instant feedback is crucial to learning. When the child answers incorrectly, the correct answer is highlighted to enable the child to learn from each mistake.

In order to keep children engaged, we have also added a touch of playfulness in the trainers for the fun factor without losing sight on the purpose of their practice. 

We are excited to put these techniques together, resulting in our first collection of early math trainers, helping children to reach math facts mastery with the least amount of frustration. We hope your children will enjoy practicing with us.

These are our first of many. Try them out. Tell your friends. Let us know on how we can improve. 

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